Legal sightseeing looks at international law and wonders how it presents itself to ‘the public’, as an event. We seek to explore its images, its stories, its audiences. We ask: How is international law presented? Where? To whom? And, on the side of the audience: Who is seeing it? What is actually seen? How is it experienced? Our method is to look, and look again. On this website, we invite you to look with us.

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The Team

Legal Sightseeing team

Renske Vos is assistant professor in international law at VU Amsterdam. Her research: ‘Europe and the Sea of Stories’ engages with ways in which EU officials view, narrate, and make (no) sense of their work on a specific migration response. Interests include: institutional architecture, socio-legal studies and ways of visualising law.

Sofia Stolk is researcher at the T.M.C. Asser Insituut in The Hague. Her current research project, entitled ‘Justice needs to be seen to be done: The International Legal Landscape in a Visual Age’, studies the use of visual means within international courts and tribunals and the proliferation of images about international law.

Mark Drumbl is Professor at Washington and Lee University, School of Law. His research and teaching interests include public international law, global environmental governance, international criminal law, post-conflict justice, and transnational legal process.


Nina Krijnen is currently completing her diplomatic training at the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She has previously been our correspondent in New York during her time as Advisor to the Permanent Mission of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the United Nations.

Are you legal sightseeing?

We welcome guest posts on this website. You can get in touch and send us your photo’s via r.n.vos@vu.nl or s.stolk@asser.nl