‘Reinventing the Américas: Construct. Erase. Repeat.’

The Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles, USA

“The exhibition constantly raised mixed feelings in me.

 Happiness as I thought: “Here  it is. My heritage, my story, spoken by others like me.”

Amazement at seeing an indigenous artist reclaim their voice and tell their history.

And yet i also felt Anger, as I felt confronted one more time with the constant and ever- present violence of colonialism. 

I felt Excited that a story from the periphery can take such a central  space.

Worried and to an extent defensive, about how it would be perceived and understood by non-natives and by those privileged to be unaware of this perspective. 

I left Hopefull, that others would be exposed to these ideas and perhaps would be willing to rewrite and re-imagine the history of the the Americas and the world we all share.”

–Sofia Truque

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